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Kizzie at 5 Months



HIPS 5-4



Kizzie, is a bright, althletic and very energetic doodle, but fun loving and loves nothing better than settling down infront of the TV in the evening, she was born on 19.08.12, she is a deep apricot F1 labradoodle. Kizzie has a hip score total of just 9 and a clear BVA eye certificate.



She was bred in Yorkshire, Kizzie's mum, Bea, KC name - Cool gray of Thorntonfern,is a  yellow working Labrador standing at 21" tall as she has a hip score of 5/4 total 9, and clear BVA eye test Kizzie's grandfather on mums side, is the famous Ftch Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead and over 40 of her 62 within her 5 generation pedigree are full of champions.



Kizzie's Father is Cracker, KC name Izacc The babe, an Apricot Standard Poodle he is BVA eye tested clear hip score 6/5, total 11. He stands 22" tall and is a real character. Cracker was born 18.11.2007 and has a COI score of 2.5%

Kizzie as a new born.



Kizzie at 5 weeks old





Kizzie's mum Bea and her litter


Kizzie's Dad Cracker

Keira & Kurtis


Some very exciting news:

Kizzie and Kurtis are expecting a litter of F1b standard sized labradoodles due 13.02.15

They had a fantastic litter of 11 puppies last year ranging from dark red through to light apricot in colour with a mix of coats.


To add you names to any of these waiting list please get in touch.




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